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This site has been frozen pending investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Please contact Joel Selznick, investigation lead for more information.

This site has been frozen pending investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Please contact Joel Selznick, investigation lead for more information.

I Like Trees: Update

Monday, August 29, 2011


Hello - this is Serah.

Jack is really rattled right now. He barely speaks. Once he wrote that last post, he sat against the wall of the new cave we've been sleeping in and stared at the opposite wall without saying anything. He would wordlessly swap shifts with me when we were standing guard, though I offered to let him sleep more; he needs it, the poor kid.

He's been remarkably strong throughout this; I think this most recent incident is simply the straw that broke the camel's back. While the creature clearly had sinister intentions, it was unclear whether it was capable of real harm; this sort of proves that it is, and I think that has really terrified Jack.

Anyway - since I'm here, I'll update you guys on things Jack has failed to mention. Jack has been wholly focused on getting home, with little regard to the creature other than avoiding it. I, however, feel that the creature is our way home if indirectly, and think that learning as much about it as we can can only help our chances of survival. To this end, I have been pestering Jack for more details on his story, but he gives me only cursory examples. The small bits that I have match up rather eerily with my own story.

I was 16 when the creature began stalking me. It started not long after my father returned from his trip to Japan, and it lasted around a month before the eventual encounter where I fell into its trance. That was a day before my birthday, and I burned my house down at its urging and walked out of the blaze into its open arms. The next day - the day I turned 17 - I awoke here, in this godforsaken forest.

That was in March. In May, I found a group of three other children - Brandon was among them. He was 17 as well, and I spent much of my time with him. We grew... fond of each other, let's say. Very fond, in fact. When the other four children showed up in June, we were inseparable. It was only out of concern for the younger children - Emily and Jack, the two youngest - that we agreed to separate.

To see him like that is a pain I'm not sure I can properly convey through text. That image will haunt me for the rest of my life, no matter how long it proves to be.

Jack and I are going to continue moving locations. We've put the thoughts of the door behind us, for the moment, though I know it will eventually come back to that.

Now, I'm not stupid. I've read The Dark Tower. I recognize the signs here; Black 13 imprinted on some mystical door than can open on numerous realities and that is supposed to be some coincidence? No. Clearly some larger game is afoot here.

For example? My name is Serah Grace Henderson. 19 letters. I haven't asked Jack, but I will guarantee you his middle name has eight letters. I don't know what this all means - but it's cause for concern. If King's works have made the leap into reality... you may not be safe reading this blog.


  1. On the contrary, if King's works are coming to life I'm ready and able to deal. Look out for clowns folks.

  2. Serah,

    I'm so sorry for your loss. It must be awful. I'd like to help in any way I can. I've read the Dark Tower too - I picked up on the Black 13 thing as well - and I have all the books, so I can look up references for you if you find anything new. (At least the symbol on the door wasn't a giant red eye?) All of us commenting are behind you and Jack, and the rest. Be safe.

  3. Those are some remarkable coincidences. Looks like I should finally get around to reading past the third Dark Tower book. Might come in handy. Also, any chance of getting Jack's middle name out of him? It'd be good to know if that bit of the theory held up.

    And as far as worrying about us goes, don't. You guys have enough on your plates as it is without adding internet strangers to your list of concerns. We're here to help you however we may, and we can take care of ourselves should your theory on King's works holds true. Stay strong, Serah. No one should have to go through what you and the others have, especially not children (or young adults). Take care, and if you need anything at all, let us know.

  4. You are children in the woods, we could be people, out of his age range mind you, who have things that can protect us, like walls, weapons, and ingenuity. For example, I like knowing all the possible house held combinations to create things you would typically see in the army.

    Long story short, you have nothing to protect yourself with, we atleast have metal pipes and walls, worry about getting out.

  5. The more I think about it the more I think the idea of King's stories intruding on reality is a good thing for you two. King's protagonists (and you and Jack are clearly the protagonists here if we were to view it from the stand point of a story) are far more likely to survive and remain sane than, for example, a Lovecraft protagonist.

  6. Lets not forget that King was inspired by Lovecraft Proxie.

  7. But on the main even his work on the Dark Tower series was more hope filled than Lovecraft's and his protagonists could accomplish more. If this *is* operating in a King/Dark Tower based paradigm as it appears to be this may be worked to their benefit. At least as long as no one in the group takes up Roland's part.

    Maybe separating from the others was a bad idea. Perhaps you should re-unite with what survivors you can find and try to form a Ka-tet?

  8. You never know, This could spin from Dark Tower into Shadow Out of Time very quick.