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This site has been frozen pending investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Please contact Joel Selznick, investigation lead for more information.

This site has been frozen pending investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Please contact Joel Selznick, investigation lead for more information.

I Like Trees: Update #10

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update #10

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last update. I know you guys were probably more than a little concerned, given everything that has happened, and I suppose I oWe you an explanation.

Not long after my last update the phone I have been using stopped working altogether. The screen was black and it wouldn't turn on. I'm not exactly sure what had kept it running so long anyway - but at any ratE, it wasn't functioning, so I couldn't update, check e-mail, or anything of the sort. I tried to find a phone on the bodies, but was unsuccessful. I was cut off from the outside world completely.

With nothing else left to do, no leads to follow or things to investigate, I decided to go back through the door back to the redwood forest where I found Jack and that creature. I approached the door and then the whispering sound that I heArd back in the redwood forest showed up again, but much louder this time. I was able to make out two short phrases in the loud mess of voices: "you aren't done yet" and "the agent is coming".

I ran from the door quicKly and went back to my cave, staying there the rEst of the night, listening to the voices over and over in my memory. They're haunting. I can still hear them very clearly. The next day, after vaiN attempts at sleeping, I decided to go back to the door. When I got there, however, it was wide open. The photo of the redwoods was on the ground again, so the door was opened into the forest I was in. I approached It carefully, and wheN I got right next to the frame, the creature Glided straight in front of me.

I didn't move. I was frozen with fear. The thing looked - well, it doesn't have eyes, but if it did - looked straight into mY eyes and stared for a few seconds. The longer it stared, the more oddly relaxed I became. It took a step - well, sort of glided, I didn't see its legs move - backward and extended a hand, beckoning me step forward through the door. BefOre I could react my legs moved forward and the door closed behind me.

It was just me and the creature in the clearing on the other side of the door. I didn't dare look at it again, for fear of the odd hold it seemed to have over my mind and body. I heard the door behind me open again, and the creature glided throUgh and once again beckoned me through to the other side. This time, however, there was a large expanse behind the door - dark, with a very dim light off in the distance. Once again I stepped through not of my own volition, but by this point I didn't really care - I wanted to see what this creature was doing.

It was a hallway - stone, maybe. I walked and the creature glided for what felt like hours , but eventually we reached the light at the end. It was still very dimly lit, but in the room was an odd altar-like structure with five glass orbs resting on it. More important, Jack sat in the corner. There was no evidence of the gunshot wound from my previous attempt to kill the creature. He didn't seem to notice that we had entered until I called his name, and even then he very slowly looked up and said hello very halfheartedly, as if he wasn't surprised to see me.

Then he started talking.

Now, I warn you: this may be rather alarming given past events in the blog. You may think I have gone crazy, but I can assure you that I am in my right mind in every way and that everything I say is true.

Jack told me that the creature is called the Agent. He said that we have to help him. I asked him what we needed to help him do, and why we should help him given what he has done to us. He didn't say anything. He walked over to the altar with the glass orbs - I noticed then that there were spots for two more - and picked up a pink one and placed it in my hands.

I looked inside, and saw what looked like the creature shackled and tied to a wall. An unseen being was striking the Agent with a blunt instrument. The message was fairly clear - this creature was a slave.

Jack took the orb and placed it back on the altar, then picked up the candle that was illuminating the room. He walked over to the wall and beckoned me over. On the wall in an untidy scrawl were written hundreds of short messages. The most important ones were "blackthirteen" (all as one word) and "he kills and killed them".

Jack says we have to help this creature, the Agent, and end "blackthirteen" so that we can go home. I have no choice but to trust him.


  1. 5 orbs. Blackthirteen. Slaves.

    Jesus christ, this is getting hefty.

    Try getting a hold of another one of those other orbs. If they show this creature's past, maybe we can get an origin, or faces of these members of this group.